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Custom Pressure Wash Builds

At Industrial Specialties of San Antonio we build custom pressure wash machines that meet your specifications and needs. Stamped-out assembly-line machines are more than likely not the answer for your business. Our goal is to provide you with the proper equipment for your specific job or industry. Training Is the critical key in using the equipment properly and always available at no charge at Industrial Specialties of San Antonio.

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Troubleshooting & Repair

We repair all makes and models of power wash machines.  We can service you onsite or within our service department at our location. Call us with any questions and our service team will assist you quickly.

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Full Line of Pressure wash parts

We carry a extensive inventory of pressure wash parts.  From Spray Guns, Hoses, Flow switches to hard to find parts.  If we don't have it in stock, you can use our parts catalog to find the exact part you need.  We offer store pickup and shipping to your business.

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Biodegradable Detergents

At Industrial Specialties we mix our biodegradable detergents onsite and sell them in all quantities. Here are a few of the detergents we carry, but we have many more.  Call us with your requests.

  • Mean Red - IS069 -Heavy duty degreaser- Caustic 
    Excellent in removing heavy build on grease for trucks, backhoes and field equipment.
  • Easy Ryder- High performance High pressure. Leaves vehicles with a wax like sheen. Ideal for self service or Hot or Cold high pressure cleaning applications
  • Presoak- Good performance lower cost. Concentrate detergent for self and full service prep gun operations
  • EZ-off – ISA 1111  Strong caustic blend for steam cleaning vent hoods in restaurant kitchens.
  • IS-105 – Excellent degreaser. Butyl based designed to remove carbon based soils
  • Aw-855 –Light duty non caustic car wash
  • IS-coil Clean – Inhibited Acid that does not compromise soft metals and removes scale
  • AAdvantage Aluminum Brightner – Citrus Cleaner excellent low pH cleaner for removing alkaline soils from aluminum bodies of heavy duty trucks Non-HF formal Excellent Aluminum Brightener
  • FCD 1200 – Foaming cement dissolver – Non-hazardous Organic based. Acidic detergent. Penetrates cement deposits and brakes heavy build-up of cement from the inside out Non –HF apply w. sprayer
  • Clor-Clean – Liquid chlorine sanitizer that when used through a foamer will allow the product to stick to the surface for dwell time.
  • Glass Cleaner Plus- Concentrate glass cleaner
  • And More
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